Monday, September 8, 2014

Vendors, Vendors and more Vendors!

We are so happy to be able to provide a platform for all of you lovely ladies to see and shop with some fantastic vendors this year!

If you are new to our event, we have many different vendors coming over the weekend. They are always only set up for a handful of hours so you need to stop by their tables to see what sorts of specials and goodies they have for us!

In some cases, they will have make and takes, products and even classes during the event so be sure to make a note of those that interest you and what date and times they will be available!

Today I'd like to introduce you to 
Andrea McCorduck

Andrea is an Awareness Teacher and Reiki Master. Using her connection to Spirit and her wisdom in many areas of Spiritual Health, Andrea delivers healing and relaxation, through group meditations and individual healing sessions. When you are working with Andrea, you will find a safe and compassionate space. This energy allows you to release blockages from many aspects of your being.

Andrea joins BC Crop for Kids again this year, and will be on location at various times throughout the weekend. She has donated some exciting group and personal session packages to the Silent Auction and booth prize draws.  

Visit with Andrea at the Discovery Healing booth on Friday evening and Saturday morning to see her assortment of metaphysical items and semi-precious stone jewellery. This will include tumbled crystals, pendants, pendulums, cards, and Aroma Therapy products. 

Register in person for Reiki sessions and/or Intuitive card reading sessions Saturday afternoon and evening, 25 minute sessions for $25.  You may also pre-register for sessions by emailing us at

In addition to Reiki and Readings, new this year is a 1-hour meditation class on Friday night. Come prepared to relax, expand your senses and open yourself to greater creativity. The $10 class fee will be donated to BC Crop for Kids.

This Meditation class will consist of two 25 minute meditations. These intuitively guided meditations are tailored for those that are present. Please dress comfortably and bring a sweater as some individuals feel cold when they meditate. Please bring some water as well. This experience will be relaxing and will offer healing on many unseen levels. You will have the option to share and I can offer some insights. Do bring an open mind that is ready to be expanded and allow you to open up to greater creativity. 

Reiki is an ancient form of hands on Healing composed of Rei/ Light and Ki/Energy. These Universal Elements are channeled through to ease tension, balance blood pressure, increase creativity, and work on all levels of being ( physical, ethereal, emotional,  mental, spiritual, self, and soul). Each and every session is individually tailored and may include: a visit from an angel or past loved one; a clearing involving: past lives, chakras, patterns or beliefs, or simply exactly what you need at that time. A Reiki session is a safe place for you to allow healing to take place and to release that which is no longer serving you. 

An intuitive card reading will provide you with healing and information with the use of cards as a focal point. If you are looking for some answers and can't seem to, "find the forest for the trees", a reading can help to bring clarity and healing to many situations.    In keeping an open mind releasing expectations and embracing wonder you will allow the energy to flow as it is meant to. 

Andrea has grown up having abilities that were unsafe to use in her immediate environment. These experiences have lead her into working with children and supporting them, with their families, as their own gifts emerge. She intuitively connects in and supplies the tools and techniques that help everyone to live with greater ease and understanding.  Andrea is a 36 year old mother of three children and has recently opened up the Discovery Healing Centre in Maple Ridge. Please call with any questions 604-761-2158 

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