Thursday, September 4, 2014

Last but not least...

We are near the end of our teacher introductions but not without you meeting our last teacher Lorree Bogden...

"Lorree is a professor of Criminology at Douglas College and has been teaching since 2000. Her research interests include the gendered nature of child custody, the (mis)treatment of federally sentenced female offenders in British Columbia and, housing and support systems for Troubled Women.

Prior to becoming a professor she worked directly in the field at the Elizabeth Fry Society where she pursued practical applications of her research interests by designing and implementing a program that assisted hard to employ and underemployed criminalized women to acquire literacy, essential skills and employment.

Lorree has been scrapbooking since 2002 and has taught various scrapbooking classes across the lower mainland. She developed the Prison Scrapbooking program at Fraser Valley Institution for Federally Sentenced women in 2010 and has successfully been helping women explore their creative scrapbooking side since January of 2011.

Lorree resides in Maple Ridge, British Columbia with her wife, son, three dogs and four cats."

5 random or funny things about you:

1. I love black
2. I am a high functioning procrastinator
3. I have a passion for cooking
4. I love the water
5. no matter where I shop, someone inevitably asks me for assistance…apparently all I am missing is a nametag and a hairnet….:)

What kind of Camera do you use? Nikon coolpix (but I will use anything disposable in a jam too – especially underwater cameras – they are so fun)
How long have you been scrapping?  
Since 2002

What got you started? 
My next door neighbour begged me to start and came over with all of her stuff and said “help yourself”. I was reluctant but submitted ☺
12X12, 8 1/2 X 11, or other? 12x12 and project life

When do you feel most creative? at retreats with a nice glass of red in front of me ☺
Are you a fast scrapper or a slow scrapper?  I can get a lot done when I put my mind to it but it depends on the project and the layouts…Project life has been great and very liberating as it is quite fast and very easy.Who are your scrapbooking idols/inspirations?  I am inspired by everyday life but two scrapbooking idols would be Diana Wakely and Tim Holtz. They both work out of the box and use whatever, whenever….

Favorite Drink/Food/Candy? A bold Italian red wine 
Candy? Runts
Favorite Movie/TV Show/Singer/Song? Movie? Gosh…I have so many. Probably Country Strong right now…TV show? Nashville Singer? Peter Gabriel Song? Drowning Man by U2

Favorite Hobby (other than scrapbooking)?

Lorree has been a huge supporter of BC Scrapbooking Crop for Kids as an attendee and this year we are lucky to have her teaching a layout class on Friday night, 7:00-9:00pm...

Make sure to check out all the details for Lorree's two classes 
 and all of our classes this year...head on over to the 

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