Thursday, April 9, 2009

Registration, meals, and other items clarified.

We thank everyone one the mailing list who took the time the other day to answer our quick survey and provide feedback.

Saturday Night Supper

Based on your responses, we will NOT be offering an optional buffet dinner at the hotel. It was almost unanimous that the estimated $40-$45 for dinner is expensive. We happen to agree! (this isn't an inflated price. It's simply what catered hotel meals cost. The Ramada has been extremely generous in the facility rental, and there is simply no room for negotiation on meal prices.) There are restaurant options for every budget within a 5 minute drive of the Ramada.

Photography Classes

Thank you for your feedback on the proposed digital photography classes. We'll provide a summary of your requests to Rachel Ludwig to help her with planning her classes. (Rachel is new to BC Crop for Kids. Last year was a different instructor.)

Meals & Beverages - what's changed, what's included

Last year your registration included 2 breakfasts. We received overwhelming feedback that a) breakfast was too early and conflicted with class times, and b) other meals besides breakfast would have been nice, and c) coffee & tea should be available for longer periods.

So for 2009 you're still getting 2 meals - 1 breakfast on Sunday, and 1 lunch on Saturday. Classes and meals have been scheduled so they don't overlap and nobody misses out! And we'll extend slightly the serving time for coffee & tea. Try not to think of it as losing a breakfast, but rather *gaining* a hearty lunch!

As a reminder snacks are permitted in the crop room during the event. However, meals from home or from restaurants are not permitted. If you bring in meals from another location please eat them in your room.

Which brings us to the registration fee...

2009 Registration Fee - $109

The slight increase over last year's price is due to higher food costs. There's a slightly higher cost for lunch & more beverages.

Crop Room Seating

We've received some comments that the crop room was too squishy and that more crop space would be better.

We will be going with 180 seats again this year. Anticipation of the event is high, and we're confident that it will be a sell-out regardless of the elbow room. To cut the number of crop seats now would mean so many more disappointed people and we can't bear to do that! This is, after all, a fundraiser, and our goal is to raise as much as we can for BC Children's Hospital Foundation, and to do that we need to sell seats and fill classes!

If you're looking for an all-inclusive retreat weekend with more elbow room, might we suggest Scrapping Away Retreats or The Ultimate Scrapbook Retreat.

Mary & Sandra
BC Scrapbooking Crop for Kids

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Tania Taylor said...

Dearest Mary & Sandra,

The volunteer work that you two do for this is fantastic!! Your positive attitude, standards of excellence, and commitment to this event is unsurpassed. How lucky are we to attend a crop with wonderful classes, fabalous prizes and incredible atmosphere!!!! Nothing compares to this event.....
Tania a.k.a firecracker