Friday, August 22, 2008


So you got a glimpse of the donations that BC Crop for Kids has received so far. Trust us, those close cropped photos are just a drop in the bucket!

We are extremely appreciative of all the businesses and individuals who have been so generous. Please take a few moments to visit our Event Sponsor page and also our Class Sponsor page. Our generous sponsors are a HUGE factor in the popularity and success of the BC Crop For Kids.

We are still receiving door prize donations so it's not too late to participate. If you have a local business or product that you'd like to promote (or you know someone who does), and you'd like to donate an item or gift certificate, please contact us! We'd love to have a door prize for everyone.

In return we will add your link to our website, printed promo materials and to the "New Sponsors" section of an upcoming email newsletter.

Thanks again for your generosity.
Sandra & Mary

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